Spiral Granny Square

This granny square is a lot different than the normal one. It goes in spiral rounds and requires a constant change in colors. But it’s your choice on how many yarn colors you choose. In my opinion, it’s real beauty is shown only when different colors are used.

I have used 4 colors: yellow,pink, purple and white. It’s totally up to you what you use. The stitches used in this pattern are sc,hdc,dc .

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Winter gloves

Wooly , cozy and warm. These gloves have the perfection to keep you warm on a cool, breezy morning .

The stitch used to make this fabulous piece is just Half Double Crochet (hdc) and single crochet (sc) . If you know how to do hdc and sc then this is a child’s play. Just grab a yarn and hook and start being creative. .

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Brancion Rug

The rug is worked using tapestry crochet technique. When you are about to change color, start your sc (the last before the color change) but complete it yarning over with the new color. Then work in sc the number of stitches needed in the new color crocheting around others yarn colors so you carry them along through your work. Repeat it for every color change.

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Formidable Tote Bag

A fun, summery tote bag, with the inspirational French message “Formidable” (“Wonderful”). Ideal for taking to the beach, the pool or the fancy new bar.
This design was made for a coworker, who showed me the same bag on eBay, used, for 60€
So using the photo as a guide I wrote my own pattern and made this gorgeous beach bag!

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Vincent’s Bunny

It’s not often that I’m honoured to get a request, but this time I am.
My fellow intern and general partner in crime from nine to five wanted an extra special birthday gift for his girlfriend. He sent me a photo of her beloved childhood toy, you know, the one you take with you everywhere and end up battered and well loved, and asked me to crochet a shiny, new replica. I wrote this pattern based off the picture he sent me, and wanted to share it with the world.

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Diamond Shawl

This shawl is light weight and perfect for the nights when there is a slight chill in the air. It has a beautiful texture and a slight shimmer to the yarn making it perfect for not only everyday use but also special occasions.
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The Cactus Cozy – Crochet Planter Pot Cover

The waistcoat stitch is one of the most beautiful crochet stitches…if you know how to use it! This stitch can be really tight, really dense, difficult to work and even more difficult to pick a project it works for! The Cactus Cozy seeks to solve all those issues with an adjustable plant pot holder made in stretchy yarn and a simple, beginner friendly (and free) pattern.

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Raceway Blanket

This blanket is made using tapestry crochet to create a racetrack.  It doubles as both a playmat and a blanket. It can be made in traditional colors or make it using your child’s favorite colors. It will provide your child with hours of fun.

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Candy Wrapper Chevron Dress

Crocheting this dress had been a marvelous journey for me. I completed the dress way before the beginning of the Movement Control Order (MCO) in my country due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. The MCO gave me the time to spend learning how to edit and assemble the videos recorded of the dress during its making. And that was how I was able to come up with the YouTube video links on how to crochet this exquisite, elegant and fun dress. You can see the tutorial links below.

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Bignan Baby Blanket

The blanket is made with tapestry crochet technique. When you change color, finish the double crochet yarning over the new color. As you continue your project carry the baby green yarn by crocheting around it. For the other 3 colors work by square, leave the yarn as you change color, use Bobby pin to keep your yarn from unrolling and entangling . You can make 4 squares with each softly baby ice yarn.

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