How to make bookmark for your books.

Books are very good friends for many of us .we love to learn from them or sometime we have to go for some other work so we need a book mark for our book.if you want to make a beautiful book mark by yourself.then follow my tutorial for basic and easy book mark.

let’s get started .

1)tie a knot.

2) chain 5.

3)do 4 DC’s in all over the chain.

4)chain 1 and flip your work.and do hdcs in all over the next row .

5)chain one and flip your work.

6)now in this row you will trebel crkchet stich in all four stiches.

7)repeat that above method to complete your required lenght of bookmark.


1)join thread from behind of bookmark and do signle stiches in each of chain as shown.

2)complete all the four sides of book mark with edging and now weave in all threads.

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