Blurred Lines Beanie

Which craft: Knitting

50 gm of Ice yarn #68368 or any light worsted weight / colour A
30 gm of Ice yarn Wool Comfort Superfine in grey or any mohair yarn / colour B

    Suggestion Needles / Hooks: 5 mm. US 8


    18 stitches in 4 inches with colour A on 5mm needles after blocking


    knitting in the round

    Sizes :

    Adult Male/Female

    Finished measurements :

    21 inches in circumference

    Abbreviations :

    CO-cast on
    k2tog-knit two together
    pm-place marker

    Project Note:

    This hat is knitted in round alternating between two yarns held together and a single yarn held alone to give it solid and marled stripes. It knits up quickly and is ideal for last minute gift-knitting. Blurred lines beanie is unisex and can be knitted to be worn as a fitted hat or a slouchy hat by modifying its length. I have used a 16 inches circular needles for this, you will also need a marker to mark the beginning of each round and a tapestry needle to weave in ends and close the top of the hat.

    Pattern :

    With colour A and B held together CO 94 stitches. Pm and join to work in the round.
    Row 1: K1, P1 to the marker, slip marker. continue this with both yarn held together till the brim measures 1.7 inches.

    Row 1: Knit in plain stockinette with both yarn held for 5 rows.
    Row 6: Drop colour B and knit with only colour A for 2 rows.
    Row 8: Pick up colour B and knit 2 rows with both yarn held together.
    Row 10: Drop colour B again. continue knitting with colour A for 5 rows.
    Row 15: Pick colour B and knit 8 rows with both yarn held together.
    Row 23: Drop colour B and knit 5 rows with colour A alone.
    Row 24 and on: knit with both yarn held together till the hat measures 8.5 inches.( keep knitting for a couple of inch more to give it a slouch)
    Last row: K2tog to the marker. Cut the yarn leaving a long enough tail to close the top of the hat.

    Weave the tail into the loops of yarn on the needle, pull tightly together to close the hole on the top of the head. Tie a knot to secure and weave in the ends.


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    (c) Gulnar Niazi 2021, January

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