How to make mobile cover case with beautiful crochet pattern

Mobiles are our very important needs now a days.we can’t live without them? even for a day. They should be safe in thier cases.i made a cozy mbl case for you all.

lets get started

1)tie a knot.

2)chain 12

3)Do double crochet in all over the chain.

4)Now in the last chain do 6 DC’s in last chain.

5) complete the opposite side of the chain .

6)now join it with last stich with slip stich.

7)our first round is ready.

8)chain 1 and start the next round of DC’s.

9)complete the next round.

10)chain one and start last DC stich round.

11)1 round of trebele crochet stich slip knot.round is complete.

12)join other colour to make it 2 rounds of half double crochet.

13)again join the yellow colour and start DC’s .

14)make 5 rounds of DC’s and join other colour.

15)now do 2 rounds of DC’s with pink colour.

now you can make it beautiful by adding different things buttons,bows,stones etc.

16)i stiches bow on this to make it beautiful.

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