Winter gloves

Wooly , cozy and warm. These gloves have the perfection to keep you warm on a cool, breezy morning .

The stitch used to make this fabulous piece is just Half Double Crochet (hdc) and single crochet (sc) . If you know how to do hdc and sc then this is a child’s play. Just grab a yarn and hook and start being creative. .

  1. Start by making a slip stitch and ch 8

2. Skip 1 st and crochet sc in all the 7 st ( remember to do it in the back loop). Continue in rounds until you reach the required length and the strip fits your wrist perfectly. Slip stitch the 2 ends of the strip together.

3. After the slipstiches , we will work in the edges of the wrist band and do 1 round of sc .

4. Crochet 3 -4 rounds of hdc ending each round with a slip stitch .

5. Start increasing in the 5 -6 row and make space for fingers by chaining according to your fingers and comfort .

6. Continue in normal rounds until the required height is achieved!

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