Spiral Granny Square

This granny square is a lot different than the normal one. It goes in spiral rounds and requires a constant change in colors. But it’s your choice on how many yarn colors you choose. In my opinion, it’s real beauty is shown only when different colors are used.

I have used 4 colors: yellow,pink, purple and white. It’s totally up to you what you use. The stitches used in this pattern are sc,hdc,dc .

Method :

  1. Start by making a slst and make ch 4
  2. Make a ring

3. Do 1 sc , 1 hdc and 2 dc with one of the colors ; remove the hook and extend the yarn loop.

4. Start the next color and repeat the same way ( 1 sc , 1 hdc and 2 dc) Do that for the next two colors too

5. Start with the first color again and do 2 dc on top of the other color yarn sc st. Then do 1 dc and 2 dc again ; so we start with dc and end with . After completing each color we leave 1 st in the end always .

6. Repeat that for the other colors too

7. Then come to the first color and do 2dc , 3 times 1 dc and 2 dc again ; repeat for others .

8. For each color we start and end with 2 dc in one st and in the MIDDLE of these 2 dc we do ( 1,3,5,7,9…..odd number)times the 1 dc .

9. Keeping all the points in mind we will crochet until the required length is reached

10. When reached , we need to do 2 dc , 1 dc , 1hdc ,1 sc and a slst . Do this to every color and then cut the yarn ( I ended with the same steps but added a few lines of hdc in the end ?)

Wallla ! You have successfully made your first Spiral granny square

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