Beginner crochet: How to Single Crochet, a picture tutorial

Grab your hook and yarn, and let’s get started.

1. Tie a slip knot

2. Chain (ch) 13, To work a desired number of single crochet sitch (sc), we work the same number of chains+1, so here we want to make 12 sc, so we chain 12+1= 13

3. Skip first chain and insert hook in the second chain.

4. Yarn over the hook, (yo); This, if your are not familiar already, is done by rotating the hook counter clockwise.

5. Pull the yarn through the chain (pt). Now we have 2 loops on the hook.

6. Yarn over and pull through both loops at once.

This is your first single crochet. It is written as sc in crochet patterns.

7. Now repeat these steps in each of the remaining 11 chains. i.e insert hook in the next ch, yo and pt, yo again pt both loops on the hook. And we have a complete row of 12 sc.

Congratulations, you did an amazing job working a complete row of single crochet stitch.

8. Now let’s count our stitches, look at your work from the top, can you see the top chains? well, we count 1 top chain as 1 stitch, for beginners this is an easy way to count crochet stitches by looking at the top of the work.

Next Row of Single Crochet:

1. ch 1 and flip your work

2. Insert your hook under the top of the first single crochet, yo and pt

3. yo again and pt both loops on the hook.

4. Repeat for the remaining stitches (st)

5. Count the stitches to make sure they are 12, and keeping working more rows until you are comfortable working the simple and beautiful single crochet stitch

That’s all for today, see you in the next tutorial,


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