How to make double crochet stich

Double crochet stich is most common in crochet is taller than single crochet and half double crochet.

you can use this double crochet stich in any project you want with any yarn and can add your own thoughts while making some thing with this amazing double crochet stich.

lets begin.

1)Tie the slip knot.

2) chain 12

3) yarn over and skip the first chain.

4)insert hook in second chain from hook and pull through.

5)now you have three loops on hook yarn over and pull through 1st two loops.remaining two loops left on hook.

6)yarn over again and pull through other two remaining loops on hook.your first DC is ready.

7) repeat above steps of double crochet and complete the first row with 11 double crochet stiches.

our first row is made .let’s start second row of double crochet stich.

1)Chain one and flip your work.

2)yarn over and insert hook in very first double crochet stich of previous row.

3)yarn over again and pull through the 1st two loops on hook .

4)then yarn over again and pull through from other two loops.

Repeat for remaining double crochet stich of previous row.

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