Infinity circle

You might or might not have made a circle. A circle just requires a constant increase which is ( 2 sts in 1 st and the rest to be normal )

The method to design a normal circle is

  1. By starting with the slip stitch making 4ch and creating a ring / you could also make a magic ring directly and make 8 sc .
  2. in the next round make 2 sc in each st around (end each round with a slst)
  3. Make 2 sc in one st and 1 sc in the next st and repeat this pattern around until reaching the end of round.

4. Keep changing the colors after 2-3 rounds !

5. In the next round we’ll make 2 sc in one stitch and 1 sc in Next 2 sts.

6. We’ll repeat this pattern ( 2sc in one st and 1sc increasing the number of sts each round ) until the required length is reached

In the end the shape becomes a cornered circle rather than a perfect ? circle and that’s due to the 2 sts which creates a corner .

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