Simple mobile pouch

You have a problem with handling your possessions when you don’t have pockets? Well here’s your permanent solution!

This pouch has a firm base as well as a handle for an easy grip

To create this beautiful and handy pouch we need to :
Round 1 : Create a slip knot and do ch of any odd number.. Skip one ch and do sc in each st until you reach the end of the line . In the last st do 3 sc and this makes your work to turn a bit You then make sc in each of the back loops and 2sc in the last st . Do slst

Round 2 : make ch 1 and then make 2sc in the same st and continue in making sc until you reach the 3sc which were done in previous round and make 2 sc in all 3 sc . Continue making sc in all sts and make 2sc in last 2sc which were done in last row.
next 2 rounds are of slst

Round 5: turn the whole piece upside down and do sc in all the slst from previous round but do it on the opposite side ! This causes the base to rise . And the base is done ✅

Round 6 : Make 2 sc together ( 1 sc in one st and without finishing it do another sc and then there will be 3 loops in the hook yarn over and pull through all 3 ) and then do ch 1

Continue this pattern until the required height is reached ! After this make a row of sc and buckle off the yarn

Take a zip with the size of the pouch’s base and make slst on it with the same number of sts as the number of sts of the pouch .

Crochet together the zip and the pouch by slst . To make the handle we will stick the hook on the corner of the pouch make a ch ( your choice ) and then slst the chain to create a pattern .

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