Infinity Sweatern (english pattern)

finished project

Hello everybody! I love this oversized Sweater. It`s really easy and fast to crochet. Hope you enjoy!

What do you need:

  • measure tape
  • crochet hook size 5 mm and 6 mm
  • scissors
  • some stitch marker
  • yarn needle
  • yarn: Baby DK Summer (for a size large i need 10 skiens)


At first measure around your shoulder. I have round about 100 cm or 39,5 inches.

Make a chain with the 6 mm hook as long as you measured. I have a chain of 140. Make a slipknot into the first stitch to create a round. Make sure, there is no twist in that round.

Now change the hook to size 5 mm. Chain 3 (replaced the first dc), make dc in every stitch.

It should look like that. Now, we don`t finish that round. Twist the first stitch down and make dc all around the other side of the chain. This creates the twist, we want.

At the end of the round, make a slst in the third chain from the first stitch.

Now, we are working in rounds: chain 3 (replaced the first dc), dc in every stitch all around. Make as many round as you want for the length from the back to the arm under your arms, where the sleeves will start. For my size i made 15 rounds in total.

Use some stitch markers for the stitches you need for your arm holes. I marked 20 stitches (16 cm or 6,5 inches) on each side. It is easier to mark the stitches, when you fixed the twisted front part with a stitch marker, too.

Chain 3, dc in every single stitch until you are on your first stitch marker. Now we make a chain to creat the armholes. Take the marked stitches and multiple them with 1,5 ( For example: i marked 20 stitches. 20 x 1,5 = 30) and make a chain as long, as you calculated. For me it was a chain of 30. Skip the stitches between the stitch markers. Dc into the next stitches until your next stith marker vor the second armhole. Here we make another chain of 30 (or what you calculated), skip the stitches between the stitch markers, dc into the last stitches until the end of the round.

Make one round with dc in every single stitch.

In the next round we have to decrease on the area for the arm holes. Start with the chain 3 and make a dc in every single stitch until you are on the part, where the chain started two rounds before (you can mark the 30 stitches with a marker, to make it easier). dc into the first of the 30 stitches (or the number of stitches you have on your own sweater), decrease the 2nd and the 3rd stitch, *1 dc, decrease* repeat until you are on the last of the 30 stitches, dc in the next stitches until the second arm. Repeat the dc, decrease on that 30 stitches again, dc in the last stitches until the end of the round.

Make 2 or 3 rounds dc in every stitch. Secure your yarn, fasten off an sew the end of the yarn into some stitches with a yarn needle.

Lets start with the sleeves

Start with a chain 3 and make dc into the skipped stitches and on the backside of your chain to create the sleeves. I have 50 stitches in total. Slst into the chain 3, *make 4 rounds with dc, in the next round decrease two times on the part under your arm* repeat that 4 times.

Now, make some rounds just with one dc in every stitch, as long as you want until your cuffs starts. I made 20 rounds.

Now, let`s start with the cuffs:

chain 2 (replace the first bpdc), *fpdc in the next stitch, bpdc in the next stitch* repeat until you are on the end of that round, slst into the second chain from the beginning of that round. Repeat that round as long, as you want your cuffs. Repeat all on the second sleeve.

Fasten off your yarn, sew all the ends and you are finished.

I hope you like that pattern. Please give me a comment.

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