How to make headband with easy techniques.

I am going to make a headband pattern for you with very easy and basic stiches of double crochet .which is very easy to learn if you do practice on it.

lets get started:

1)Tie a slip knot.

2)chain 80.make chains according to your kids head circumference.

3)insert hook in last chain from hook and slip stich to join to make it round in shape.

4)now chain one and start making double crochet stich in all over chain.

5)skip chain one and make DC’s in all over chains.

after completing the DC’s on all over chain of headband now join last chain with the head of the 1st DC with slip stich.

6)chain 1 and again start the next row of DC’ complete the headband.

7)complete the next row and join with slip stich to complete the headband.

Let’s start edging on the headband to make it beautiful.take a combination colour yarn .

1)insert hook in a chain of DC’s from centre of headband.

2)behind the headband join the other colour in hook and chain one as showing in following picture.

Let’s start edging

1)chain three and skip three DC’s insert hook in the head of 4th DC and slip stich .then again chain three skip three DC’s insert hook in head of 4th dcs and slip stich.

2) repeat that edging step in front of head band only.

3) now you can stich some button or bows or flower on your headband to make it more elegant and descent .I use button.

I hope you will like this easy pattern of headband with only use one stich DC’s.

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