Autumn Throw Crochet Along – C2C Technique

Which craft: Crochet

Ice Yarns / Kristal
Content : 100% Acrylic
Weight : 100 gr. / 3.53 oz. per ball
Length : 900 m. / 984 yds. per ball
Yarn Thickness :1 Super Fine: Sock, Fingering, Baby

Colours used - Gold; Yellow; Light Yellow; Red

Suggestion Needles / Hooks: 3 mm. US 3


1 square in corner to corner crochet technique is 1cm on all sides.


Corner to Corner Crochet

Sizes :

one size fits all

Finished measurements :

1meter wide and 2 meters long approximately

Abbreviations :

Colour abbreviations:
R - Red
Y - Yellow
G - Gold
C - Light Yellow (this is more of a cream color)

Project Note:

This pattern is worked in blocks of 3 double crochets following a chart and you can start at either corner at the bottom. I always start at the right hand bottom corner because I am left-handed. You can add rows in between the main designs at the top and bottom to make the throw longer and you can also add more columns to either side of the chart to make it wider. If you use thicker yarn than the suggested ones you will need to use a thicker hook and the finished project will increase in size automatically. The only other yarn I suggest using other than the ones in caption is chenille yarn as it will give a fluffy, soft finished product. The suggested yarns will result in a delicate throw as they are really fine

Pattern :

This pattern is worked in blocks of three double crochet stitches using the corner to corner crochet technique. For all the beginners out there who wish to learn this technique kindly go to Jess Coppom's tutorial which can be found here:

This is a Crochet Along Project where I will be releasing the written instructions on a weekly basis, however if you are in a rush the charted version of this pattern can be found in my Etsy store.

I will be starting from the bottom right corner and each row means all the squares needed to reach from one end of the other diagonal line. For example Row 1 will only have 1 square, whereas Row 2 will have 2 squares and so on until we reach the bottom left corner and then the number of squares remains the same until we reach the right top corner of the project following which we will be decreasing again to reach the left top hand corner and finish off the project and the total number of Rows is 230. The even number rows will move from top to bottom whereas the odd numbers will move from the base to the top. It is very important to keep track of this, especially if you are only following the written instructions.

The number before the color is the number of squares that you need to work in that color.

ROW 1 - 1C
ROW 2 - 2C (direction towards the bottom)
ROW 3 - 3C (direction towards the top)
ROW 4 - 4 C
ROW 5 - 2 G, 1 C, 2 G
ROW 6 - 1C, 4G, 1C
ROW 7 - 1C, 5G, 1C
ROW 8 - 2C, 1G, 2Y, 1G, 2C
ROW 9 - 3C, 1G, 1Y, 1G, 2C
ROW 10 - 3C, 1G, 2Y, 1G, 3C
ROW 11 - 3C, 5G, 3C
ROW 12 - 4C, 4G, 4C
ROW 13 - 4C, 2G, 1C, 2G, 4C
ROW 14 - 14C

and those are the first 14 rows.

Thank you for following and I would love to see your progress in the comments :) Also Feel free to change the colors to suite your needs.

Next week we will work on Rows 15 - 24.

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