Tutorial of tunishian crochet

Which craft: Crochet

Medium /weight /4 light color
You can use light or dark colours as your choice for beautiful acrylic colours you can visit iceyarn site.

Suggestion Needles / Hooks: 4 mm. US 6


You should learn
Slip knot

Sizes :

Free size

Abbreviations :

Ch chain
Sn slip knot
Yo yarn over
PT pull through

Project Note:

This stich can be worked in any number of chains to achieve your desired width and in any number of rows to achieve desired height of final piece

Let’s start tunishian stich which is little bit tricky but if you practice it it will be aazing for you.

Let’s start

1)chain 13

2)insert hook in first chain

Pull through now insert hook in second chain and pull through repeat this procedure untill last chain.

3)now yarn over and pull through from first chain .as shown

4)now yarn over and pull through next two loops and again yarn over pull through onward two two chains as shown.

5)now start the next row by inserting hook into first front loop of first tunishian crochet stich and then yarn over and pull through again insert hook into second and repeat that procedure

6)now yarn over and pull through first loop .

7)repeat that steps as per your required lenght.

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