Spring Petals Hexagon Blanket

Which craft: Crochet

Ice Yarns/ Baby Cotton DK/ Light Pink (fnt2-53080) Lemon Yellow (fnt2-53078) Light Mint Green (fnt2-53081) Off White (fnt2-60370
100% Giza Cotton

Suggestion Needles / Hooks: 4 mm. US 6


1 hexagon motif measures 5 inches/12.5 cms


Worked in the round using bobble stitches to create the petal design

Sizes :

one size

Finished measurements :

32x 37 inch/ 82x 94 cms

Abbreviations :

Ch- chain
Tr- treble crochet
Dc- double crochet
Htr- half treble crochet
St(s)- stitch(es)
Sl st- slip stitch
MB- make bobble by working tr5tog into the same stitch

Project Note:

Pattern written in UK terms.
Hexagon motif is worked in the round joining with a sl st at the end of each round. Bobbles are worked on WS and will show on the RS
Tension is not critical for this project but may effect finished measurements. Approx. 12.5cm/5in per motif
Make 18 hexagons in Light Pink, 14 in Lemon Yellow and 14 in Light Mint Green. Use Off White for row 8 and joining

Pattern :

Make an adjustable ring.
Rnd 1: Ch1 (does not count as st throughout unless stated) 6dc in ring, sl st to 1st dc. 6 sts
Rnd 2: Ch1, 2dc in each st, sl st to 1st dc, turn. 12sts
Rnd 3: Ch1, *MB in next st, ch3, miss 1 st, repeat from* to end, sl st to first bobble, turn. 6 sts, 6x ch3 spaces
Rnd 4: Ch5 (counts as 1tr, ch2) 1tr in ch3 space, *[(1tr, ch2, 1tr) in next ch3 space] to end, sl st to third of ch5. 12 sts,6x ch2 spaces
Rnd 5: Ch3 (counts as1tr), [3tr in ch2 space, 1tr, ch2, 1tr] to last st, 1tr, ch2,  sl st to ch3. 30 sts, 6x ch2 spaces
Rnd 6: Ch3 (counts as 1tr) 4tr, (1tr, ch2, 1tr) in ch2 space, [5tr, (1tr, ch2, 1tr) in next ch2 space,]to end, sl st to ch3. 42 sts, 6x ch2 spaces
Rnd 7: Ch3 (counts as 1tr), 5tr, (1tr, ch2, 1tr) in ch2 space , [7tr, (1tr, ch2, 1tr) in ch2 space] to last st, 1tr, sl st to ch3. 54 sts, 6x ch2 space
Change to Off White
Rnd 8: Ch2 (counts as 1htr), 1htr in each st and 3htr in each ch2 space around, sl st to ch2. 72 sts
Fasten off and weave in ends.
Repeat until you have 46 hexagons in total.
Join to make vertical strips of 7-6-7-6-7-6-7 hexagons alternating colours. Join using Off White by working dc in back loops only along 1 edge to join 2 hexagons together. Repeat until you have 7 strips in total. Join these 7 strips together then weave in ends. Border using Off White work 1htr in each st around the entire blanket to finish

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Hayley Hall- Version 1, May 2020

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