Poncho: triangles and hexagons

Which craft: Crochet

IceYarns Geisha: 20% Alpaca, 20% Wool, 40% Polyamide, 20% Acrylic: 50 gr: 150 m
Knitting gauge: 15 stitches and 20 rows on 10 cm x 10 cm (4' x 4')

You will need near 400 gr of the yarn for this project.

Suggestion Needles / Hooks: 5 mm. US 8


4 rows of my pattern = 10 cm


double crochet, treble, treble 2 together

Sizes :

one size fits all, adjustments are easy to implement

Finished measurements :

rectangle 120 x 140, after sewing: 120 x 70

Abbreviations :

ch - chain stitch,
dc - double crochet,
tr - treble,
tr2tog - treble 2 together.

Project Note:

This project is easy, can be suitable for crocheter with small experience.

Pattern :

You will need to start with 145 chain stitches to make the same measurements, that I have.
If you want to make poncho wider or narrower, chain stitches number should be divisible by 4 + 1 additional chain stitch.
After that you should follow the pattern you can find on the photo below.
I recommend you to add stitch markers on both sides of your poncho. It is easy to follow the pattern during the row, but the start and the end of the rows are different for even and odd rows. It will be easier to have, for example, pink and green stitch markers to avoid mistakes.
As soon as you achieved desired length of the poncho, you should make the hole for your head. I have made 30 rows of my pattern at this point and the length was 70 cm.
It can be a little bit tricky, but you can do it!
You should start the row like always and as soon as you crocheted near 47 cm of your row, you should add chain stitches, length will be near 26 cm, and then continue with the pattern.
The hardest part is to count the amount of the chain stitches. You should look carefully how many stitches you will skip and then remove 4. It will be easier to understand why you should do that if you look into the scheme below.
After that you can continue to follow the pattern and make the same length as before the hole for your head.
I have received 61 rows of the pattern at the end.
Now, you can already hide the ends and wear your poncho, but I recommend to make short (length of 5 rows) seams under your arms.
The poncho will look better on you, because the length of the front and back will be the same when you wear it.
I wish you good luck and please, share your projects with me!



Stitch key

Additional scheme

This scheme shows you how to count chain stitches when you do the hole for the head.

Additional photos

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Tonia Markysh, 2020 - 11.07.2020

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