How to make a basic circle ⭕ with single stich.

single stich is very easy and quick to make and learn . You can make different things form this stich I will show you how to make a basic circle with single stich.

lets get started.

1)tie a knot.

2)make 5 single stiches in that knot.

3)after that chain one and start next round of the circle skip one stich insert hook into second stich and do 1 single stich .

4)in next stich do 2 single stich .

5)repeat that method one single stich and in next do two single stich .

6)join the round with slip stich as shown in figure.

7)after completing one round .start the next round chain one and start two single stich in each of the stiches of previous round.

8)now you have three rounds .

9)if you want a big circle you can increase the next round of circle other wise join it with simple slip knot and complete the circle .

10)the basic circle is ready.

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