Crochet Grey HexiCardi

Which craft: Crochet

Ice yarn ATLAS color black and white
I used 5 skeins and a grey lefover for the finish around
100% Acrylic
Weight :100 gr. / 3.53 oz. per ball Length :130 m. / 142 yds. per ball
Yarn Thickness :5 Bulky: Chunky

Suggestion Needles / Hooks: 5.5 mm. US 9


Hexigon crochet

Sizes :

all sizes

Finished measurements :

Size Medium

Abbreviations :

Stitches Required (US Terms)
ch = chain
dc = double crochet
sc = single crochet
sl st = slip stitch
prv = previous
dec = decrease

Project Note:

This Cardigan is crocheted as an hexigon, if you want to make it thicker use bulky yarn and do not insert chain spaces on rows. If you want to make it for the Spring use cotton yarn and insert different chain spaces or airy stitches in rows as i will explain in the pattern.
I used this yarn and 10 rows were enough for my choise, but you can continue with more rows for bigger or less for smaller size

Decrease 3 dc for the sleeve = yarn over insert hook in 1st dc, yarn over, puul 1 loop , insert hook in 2nd dc , yarn over pull 2 loops insert hook in 3rd dc pull pull all loops - you make ond dc from 3 prv dc

Pattern :

First Pannel

Foundation: ch5 and close circle with sl st

R1: ch3 (counts as 1st dc), dc 2, ch 2+ dc 3 X5 you need a total of 6 sl st to 1st ch (close the circle)

R2: sl st 2 until you are in 1st ch2 space (this is how you start every row) , ch 3 (counts as dc) dc1, ch 2+dc2, dc 3 , (dc 2 + ch 2 + dc2) in ch space from prv row , dec dc with 3 dc from prev row ( as explained in notes) mark this dec for next row, (dc 2 + ch 2 + dc2) in ch space from prv row , dc 3, (dc 2 + ch 2 + dc2) in ch space from prv row , dc 3, (dc 2 + ch 2 + dc2) in ch space from prv row , dc3 sl st to 1st ch

Important note: you must mark your decrease side of hexagon each row so you can allways decrease at the same stitch- each row you will have more dc in front and after the decrease, but all ways decrease 3 dc in the same stitch- this way you have a narrow sleeve that fits perfect to your arm.

R3 -10: repeat R2 in each row the number of dc between corners will increase- allways sl st at the begining and start at the ch space with (Ch3 dc +ch2 +2dc) to form the corner
at the end of row 10 sl st and fasten the yarn

Second Panel
Duplicate panel one

fould the hexigon on the sleeve side- the narrow one and form a sleeve, let the other sides forn the front and back of half a cardigan, do the same with second panel.
Make sure you put both panels write side up.
Sew the two backs in middle to form the back of the Cardigan with tapaestry needle.
Sew the sleeve from middle across the shoulder to end of sleeve.

Optional but very Recomended:
Sc around the neck and down the opening of the front for cleaner ending and sc around the buttom

2 different stitches you can use in rows (optional)
you can incorporate a X stitch row or V stitch row to make the cardigan mor airy
look for youtube tutorials for these stitches

This Pattern is for an Hexigon Style Cardigan, It can be done with any kind of yarn of your choise. The pattern makes two identical hexigons that are sewed in the back and sides.

This Patterns showes you a special trick for the sleeves to be narrow so they can fit perfectly to your arm.

You can use one, two or as many colors as you prefer to achive your special HexiCardi.

In the Pattern i provide 2 extra stitches ( you can incorporate if you want it to be more airy for Spring.



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