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Transatlantic Crochet is a small team of crocheters that started in Toulouse, France. Started by two college students as a way to make some extra money around classes, they soon branched out into designing their own patterns, taking on bigger and bigger projects and pioneering the art of crocheted cosplay!
The heart of Transatlantic Crochet's mission is to "make crochet sexy again", and show that it is not just a hobby for old ladies!

Bathroom Organiser

Having only at the ripe old age of 23 begun investing in make-up and the required tools, I realised I needed somewhere to store my brushes and other potions, so I devised this cunning solution using leftover cotton yarn from other projects.

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Formidable Tote Bag

A fun, summery tote bag, with the inspirational French message “Formidable” (“Wonderful”). Ideal for taking to the beach, the pool or the fancy new bar.
This design was made for a coworker, who showed me the same bag on eBay, used, for 60€
So using the photo as a guide I wrote my own pattern and made this gorgeous beach bag!

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Watermelon Clutch Purse

Get a fresh and fruity look this summer, with this juicy clutch purse.

I developed this pattern when I realised that my regular handbag was too big to lug around everywhere. Once I had devised the shape for the bag, I couldn’t help but think of food.

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Fifties Style Shrug

This pattern was heavily inspired by the Pearl Pal Shrug pattern from Stoles & Shrugs | Spinnerin Volume 122 (1953). The original design can be found here but I rewrote it with some alterations in order to modernize the pattern and accommodate it to the larger 21st century wearer.

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Vincent’s Bunny

It’s not often that I’m honoured to get a request, but this time I am.
My fellow intern and general partner in crime from nine to five wanted an extra special birthday gift for his girlfriend. He sent me a photo of her beloved childhood toy, you know, the one you take with you everywhere and end up battered and well loved, and asked me to crochet a shiny, new replica. I wrote this pattern based off the picture he sent me, and wanted to share it with the world.

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Cat coaster

These adorable coasters are the perfect addition to the table of any cat lover. Simple in both construction and design, you won’t be able to stop making them!

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Princess Anna’s ballgown

This ballgown is a labour of love that took over 18 months to complete. I wanted a technical challenge, to push the limits of crochet – I am also a huge Frozen fan. I took crochet to the next level by making a complete ballgown, as well as a necklace and cuddly snowman.

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